Devrimcan Kapdan

Devrimcan KAPDAN

Devrimcan Kapdan is a performance artist born in Istanbul on February 1, 1991. He started playing the darbuka when he was a child; and in 2007, when Master Mısırlı Ahmet opened the world's first darbuka school, Mısırlı Ahmet Rhythm House, he started to learn the rhythm master's globally acknowledged darbuka playing technique and compositions. He learned the instrument along with its philosophy here over a long period. He performed on stage during his studies in the Mısırlı Ahmet Rhythm Academy, traveled to the Sinai Desert to search for his own rhythm in the silence of the desert, deepened with his instrument, and was inspired for solo performances. He accompanied soloists and bands throughout this journey. He started to create his own compositions by giving darbuka lessons.


He started performing solo in 2016 at an oriental concept restaurant in Ortaköy, Istanbul. He brought the desert concept to the stage as part of his inspiration. He added dramatic elements to his performance such as mystery and the role of the veil. He achieved an iconic style with his unique costumes. He created a mystical stage show combining East and West by adding oriental rhythms to Western music. In collaboration with Egyptian producer Youssef Al Adl, he produced his own show content by making oriental remixes of international songs. He created his own mixes of the songs in his performances and had developable content. The artist, who achieved success by bringing difference and innovation, made his name a brand in the entertainment and event sector and gained great appreciation. This modern entertainment concept spread first to Türkiye and then abroad. That is why Devrimcan Kapdan is a pioneering artist in his field.


The artist, who has followers from countries around the world, continues his stage performances in both Türkiye and abroad with his solo performances, interactive performances, and dance performance shows.