Devrimcan Kapdan

Devrimcan KAPDAN

Devrimcan Kapdan was born in Istanbul on February 1, 1991. He started profession during childhood with the darbuka. When Mısırlı Ahmet opened Mısırlı Ahmet Rhythm House, the first darbuka school in the world in 2007, he started to study the master’s original technique. He received training on the technique and Mısırlı Ahmet’s compositions for a long time. He went to Sinai Desert with Mısırlı Ahmet Rhythm House, in an attempt to find his own rhythm in the silence of the dessert.


He accompanied several singers, artists and bands in their stage performances and took part in their album recordings. He started to create his own compositions by teaching darbuka and rhythm. He gave concerts, performed drum shows and offered workshops inland and abroad.


He displays a unique stage performance with his concept darbuka show. He has made a name for himself in the show business with his special performances and has gained a great appreciation.